IPL presents the new range of flexible hoses dedicated to the nautical industry, offering you the possibility to choose from products carefully selected for the sector.

-The hoses of the Plutone range are the most suitable solution for the applications foreseen by the elements under the waterline, where we find the so-called “sea cocks”, essential for the hydraulic system on board. Thanks to these ” gates “, it is possible to let in the water intended for the various on-board uses, from engine cooling to the sanitary system.

Plutone A and Plutone A SE are resistant to crushing and atmospheric agents, thanks to the excellent quality of the raw material used and the steel reinforcement.

Arianna TA, Arianna Bio, Cristallo and Plutone A hoses are suitable for installation in the various districts of the water system, which allows a constant supply of water to be available on board: from kitchen and shower taps or on showers for simple deck washing.

IPL also proposes flexible hoses specifically designed for the sanitary system, mounted on the special pump connected to the toilet and intended for the discharge of black water. First among these is Nautilus odorsafe, a special anti-odour formulation that meets the most rigorous hygiene standards and is suitable, thanks to its high flexibility, for installation in the tightest spaces of the sanitary system.

To complete the nautical overview, we find:
Saturno yellow, commonly used on bilge pumps. Thanks to its good resistance to loads, crushing and many chemical substances, it is the most appropriate flexible solution used for removing water accumulated in the lower part of the hull (bilge);

Eolo termoresistente, ideal solution for the suction of fumes and vapours caused by the exhalation of components located in the engine rooms, such as engines, compressors, generators and electrical parts;

Plutone PO, made of a special PVC-NBR alloy, flexible and resistant to atmospheric agents, used for the refuelling of raw fuel (diesel oil).

IPL hoses have always been synonymous with Made in Italy quality and, even in this sector, offer high flexibility, manageability and resistance over time.
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