IPL proposes its range of hoses made of Ether-based POLYURETHANE, suitable for food contact and dedicated to FOOD PROCESSING.

The food industry includes several micro-areas, where the use of polyurethane hoses represents the best solution in terms of abrasion resistance and purity.

IPL Hoses included in the ether-based TPU range are resistant to microbial attack and hydrolysis and are recommended for those applications where high hygiene during all stages of the production process is required.

Thanks to the variety of thicknesses that features the Vulcano® ET range (from 0.4 mm up to 1.5 mm), the user can choose the most appropriate hose, depending on the type of application, whether it is the light suction of abrasive material (flour and food powders), or the transport of particularly abrasive substances (dried fruit, sugars and cereals).

All IPL hoses for the food industry are particularly suitable for the pastry and bakery industry, thanks to their resistance properties to fats and vegetable oil, in compliance with EU 10/2011 (class D2).

In particular, Plutone PU and Plutone PU press, reinforced by an AISI 302 stainless steel spiral, are often used on dosing and filling systems, also in the canning and oil sectors.

Eolo PU food, Eolo PUP food and Zeus Pu food hoses are available in the antistatic version with copper wire (cod. 02) and represent the flagship of the IPL range for the suction of animal feeds, grains and abrasive substances in general.

Last but not least in the Food Processing sector, is the NEXT ET series which, thanks to the combined characteristics of the material used and the recent introduction of 0.7 mm and 1.5 mm thicknesses, constitutes the most complete and high-performance solution in the entire range of food hoses.

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