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The new 2021 edition of IPL GENERAL CATALOGUE is coming soon!!
IPL starts the new year with a new edition of its general catalogue, full of new contents and innovations, starting from the introduction  of 10 BRAND NEW PRODUCTS, in order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.
A complete and detailed review of flexible solutions for every type of application and specific sector, from the food and pharmaceutical, to the woodworking industries, up to petrochemical and marine fields (this latter represents a real step forward within the already wide range of IPL hoses).
Among the initiatives undertaken by IPL and featured in the new edition, the  JUST PICK REMASTERED 2021 continueswith over than 240 items immediately available on stock.
One of the many new features of the new 2021 catalogue is the simplification of the nomenclature of some hoses, mainly within the VULCANO series, for an user-friendly and easier identification of products.
Click here to see the complete list of renamed hoses.

10 new products, because we care about your requests!

Within the different sections you will find an even more comprehensive range of solutions, specifically designed for applications requiring even better mechanical properties and features.