IPL is pleased to present its new ether based TPU hose, with permanent antistatic wall and constant wall thickness of 0,4 mm through all the diameter range.

With the introduction of this brand new product  IPL continues to expand its TPU range conceived for suction and delivery of abrasive food media, in order to meet  abrasion resistance requirements, without renouncing high flexibility and easy handling.

The wall material is permanent antistatic (R<109 Ohm/m) and it can be made conductive by earthing the steel spiral.

Its TPU coated steel spiral allows a better adhesion and maximum safety.

Excellent resistance to microbes and Hydrolysis as well as food contact suitability (included fatty food), are just some of the properties that make this hose the ideal solution for food processing and for all the applications in the food industry.

Foodgrade according to EU 10/2011 (classes A,B, C, D2, E) and FDA Reg. CFR 21-Item 177.2600.