NEW  NEXT 07 ET and  NEXT 15 ET


IPL completes the NEXT ET thickness range, with the introduction of the new NEXT 07 ET and NEXT 15 ET hoses!

Synonymous with purity and high performance, the NEXT ET range is particularly suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries and wherever excellent resistance to abrasion, microbes and UV radiation is required. The hoses are made of ether-based TPU, reinforced with AISI 302 stainless steel spiral.

Thanks to the completely smooth inner surface that features all hoses included in the Next range, the material transported is easily conveyed, without the risk of residue build-up and/or bacterial proliferation inside.

The hoses are completely clear  for an easy visual detection of the transferred media and the wall material is permanently antistatic (R<109 Ohm/m).

Constant wall thickness 0,7/0,9/1,5 mm, for light, medium and heavy suction of abrasive substances in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Excellent UV resistance, thanks to the combined characteristics of the material used.

With the completion of the NEXT range, IPL took the opportunity to investigate one of the key aspects in the production of food contact hoses, through a careful analysis of NIAS (non-intentionally added substances).

Specific tests carried out by the company on the entire NEXT range revealed the maximum purity and uncontamination of the products, as well as their total neutrality to odours and flavours, which allows to keep the  organoleptic properties of the transported media unaltered.

All Next ET  hoses are food grade, in accordance with  EU 10/2011 (classes A, B, C, D1, D2, E) and FDA Reg.  CFR 21-Item 177.2600.