Large spaces where great things happen

Since late 2019 the Company has started a complete reorganisation programme of the finished goods Warehouse, through a series of measures which have enabled the doubling of the storage capacity: the redefinition of the picking areas, for a safer and dymanic handling, as well as the stardardisation of the packaging, are only some of the most important activities that have been undertaken to date.

This operation has required substantial investments in terms of time and company resources, with the aim of meeting the innovation and growth needs that IPL has experienced in recent years. The increase of requests, many of which custom-tailored, has involved a real evolution of the whole supply chain process, in line with the most modern and innovative conception of the Warehouse Management.

The implementation and correct management of the Warehouse play a leading role for the smooth functioning of the entire production chain and they represent a significant effort largely repaid by efficiency of supply systems and a medium-term competitive advantage. In particular, the packaging standardisation makes the transport more efficient, with a consequent reduction of both costs and carbon footprint of the whole manufacturing process.

IPL does not rest and continues its ambitious programme of consolidation, through a WMS (Warehouse Management System ) which will facilitate and support the operations and considerably reduce the possibility of margin error.