Discover our range of certified food grade hoses for the passage of drinks, vegetable oil and milk!

IPL offers a wide selection of products dedicated to the beverage industry.
The world of beverages is particularly wide and includes several micro-categories: alcoholic beverages, spirits and liqueurs, beer, tea and infusions, soft drinks, fruit juices, milk and dairy products, extracts and nectars, up to mineral water.

All IPL food grade hoses are designed to guarantee maximum purity and maintain the organoleptic properties of the transported media. Thanks to their versatility and the high quality of the raw materials, they are suitable to be used in all phases of product transformation and processing, right up to the final stages of dosing, filling and bottling.

In the field of dairy activities, milk production and processing, IPL offers a complete range of hoses certified EU 10/2011 class D1, such as ARIANNA BIOPLUTONE BIO and PLUTONE PRESS BIO, used in all process stages; also the NETTUNO hose, made with food grade wall and spiral, is to be included among the products dedicated to the sector, especially for the transport of milk on tanker trucks.

Even in the olive oil sector, IPL provides the right solutions for all processing stages, from extraction to bottling, thanks to hoses certified EU 10/2011, class D2, such as: PLUTONE PUPLUTONE PU PRESS and the range in special hygienic TPE-S, which ensures maximum neutrality to odours and flavours.

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