The culture of energy savings

In 2009, with the introduction of the Natural Philosophy, IPL had already shown its commitment to ensure its business respects the environment, convinced that environmental protection is not only everyone’s duty toward future generations, but also an important resource to focus on.

As further proof that the Company’s choice of ten years ago was the right one, IPL carried out in 2016 a complete Energy Audit, to get an accurate and detailed vision of its energy consumption, to identify,  prioritise and establish  the appropriate improvement actions.

In the following two years IPL has installed  monitoring devices for the energy consumption that, on the network, are able to detect the areas with the highest level of energy consumption, in terms of manufacturing plant and general services.

On the basis of the annual report published by Confartigianato, it was found that one of the first competitive disadvantages for the Italian Industries is attributable to the high costs sustained for the energy (annual +31% compared to the EU average).

Within the framework of the consumption optimization programme, IPL has worked on further two sides: first reducing the superfluous lighting, in both indoor and outdoor environments, followed by relamping the production departments.

Last but not least, in line with the IPL eco-friendly programme, are the efficiency-drive measures for the use of LPG and energy saving technologies for the wastewater refrigeration equipment.

IPL therefore continues the sustainability path undertaken in recent years, aware that the respect for the environment starts from energy savings.