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Industrial Hoses and Fittings

IPL has always paid particular attention to product conformity and international certification.  IPL hoses have all necessary certifications awarded by independent internationally-renowned laboratories, including certification to pharmaceutical and food industry standards, such as USP Class VI, FDA regulations and European Regulation 10/2011, certification of flame-retardant properties such as DIN 4102 B1 and ATEX directive certification concerning antistatic properties.

Since 2010, IPL has voluntary brought its production system in line with requirements of GMP certification.  In particular, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) cover production processes, traceability and quality control for pharmaceutical, foodstuff and medical tubing.  This development has not only meant radical re-organization within the company, but also an important change in attitude, increasing IPL employees’ scrupulousness and responsibility even further, to guarantee customers the utmost product reliability and safety. 

In 2009, the company introduced its natural philosophy, that is to say its commitment to ensure its business respects the environment, convinced that environmental protection is not only everyone’s duty towards future generations, but also an important resource to focus on.   This led to the launch of the IPL-BIO range on the market, with ducting  for industrial and food industry applications, manufactured using BIO-TPU and Biovinyl obtained partially from biological energy sources. The IPL-BIO range has enjoyed considerable success from the onset in Italy, other European countries and the rest of the world, proving that the company’s choice was the right one.

IPL’s strength not only lies in product ranges that cater for all needs of diverse sectors, but also in its continual research into new materials and structures, the flexibility of technical departments in dealing with particular requests, and ongoing training and assistance from the sales department.

Energy, enthusiasm and research are undoubtedly the “nature” that sets Industrie Plastiche Lombarde apart.

Industrial Hoses and Fittings Specialists

Since 1975 quality, flexibility and efficiency

Since 1975, Industrie Plastiche Lombarde S.p.A. has been manufacturing its patented flexible polyurethane hoses, made with thermoplastic elastomers and vinyl compounds, developing customized solutions that cater for specific needs and assembling its own products using connection systems in stainless steel and other metal alloys.  The insight and inspiration of the Ardo family have developed the business over the years, transforming it from a small family concern into a share limited company that has become well-known around the world, thanks to a network of customers in five continents and partnerships with the industry's most important players.

IPL S.p.a. has a modern laboratory and research department at its headquarters in Besozzo, in the area of Varese in Northern Italy, with a production site and operations areas covering more than 55,000 m2. Industrie Plastiche Lombarde S.p.a. also has three fully owned companies: IPL UK, near Birmingham, which has been operating for more than a decade, IPL INDUSTRIAL HOSES SHANGHAI, established in China, in Spring 2012 and the new company IPL SCHLAUCHTECHNIK GmbH, in Voelkermarkt-Austria, which in 2014 has started manufacturing Arianna and plutone hoses.

As of June 2012, IPL’s commercial activities are carried out by two business divisions,  IPL INDUSTRIAL and IPL LIFE, the former dedicated to the industrial sector and mainly to the abrasion, chemical, fumes - high temperature gasses and vapors industries, and the latter to the food, health and body care, cosmetics, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  This important change – a natural and strategic development for IPL – is a response to the growing need for specialization and the complexity of the industrial component market, which is increasingly focused on technical standards and continual processes of innovation. 

IPL has therefore set itself the goal of creating value for its customers and not just flexible components. With the two divisions, the entire IPL staff will be able to follow customers more closely than ever, offering industry-specific expertise. Two highly dynamic dedicated teams, with long-term experience, are at the heart of this new company strategy.