IPL Industrial IPL Life



Double section developed for elaborate and more complex hoses, designed to combine an excellent abrasive resistance and high purity performances.

IPL foodgrade hoses comply with the European 2002/72/CE and FDA Regulation and they can be used for suction and delivery of liquid or solid alimentary products, beverages as juices, wine, rapes and liqueurs, in some cases with alcoholic content up to 50% concentration.

In addition they are widely used in the food industries, for suction and transport of animal feed, grains, flour and organic substances, fruits, vegetables and where a microbes resistance and an optimal flow of delivered goods are fundamental.
Even in the plastic industries food hoses are used for delivery materials and goods, then intended to come into contact with foodstuff, as ceramics, wood or plastic products.

The pharmaceutical sector includes applications in the biotechnological and cosmetic industries, increasingly demanding and avant-garde: deliver of in-laboratory made chemical substance, powders, ointments, lotions, perfumes, granules, make-up products, medicines and tablets, abrasive solvents, food supplements, syrups and detergents.

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