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Section specifically dedicated to eco-friendly hoses, manufactured using special PVC and Polyurethane, both produced with renewable energy sources containing biological components, in compliance with ASTM D 6866 and thanks to which CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

These hoses are used in manufacturing, ceramic, woodworking industries, for suction and delivery of fumes, abrasive and chemical powders and for the high speed passage of granulates, pellets, sawdust and chips.
Even in the Food field, according to the European Directives 2002/72/CE, the are very useful for the transport of dry and liquid foodstuffs, beverages, juices, vinegar and liqueurs, in some cases with alcoholic content up to 15% concentration, as completely free of phthalates and other synthetic plasticizers.

Further application closely regard plastic industries which have granulate conveying systems, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and printing machines.

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