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Abrasion resistant hoses.

A Complete range of mid and heavy wall thickness Polyurethane hoses, also available in the following versions, , according to the applications: antistatic, flame retardant, xflex or in eco-friendly compounds.

IPL hoses are often installed on industrial suction plants, in order to vacuum abrasive dusts, chips, sawdust or pellets, in woodworking industries and sawmills, on cutting machines, lawnmowers and on small,medium and big sized sweeping machines, on printing machines, compressors and granulate conveying systems.

They are ideal for suction and passage of highly abrasive substances, in ceramic, plastic, or glass industries and can be used as protection sleeve, in critical atmospherical conditions.
IPL proposes very flexible handy and strong hoses, whereas extreme bendings or heavy duties are required.
They fit easily in adverse situations, as in shipyards, docks, cement factories, steelworks, quarries, silos and wherever high performances for the high speed passage of abrasives and liquids are necessary (slurry, granulates, sand, cement, grains, gravel, etc.).

Last but not least the Food industry, where IPL hoses are used to transport dry food (according to the European Regulation 2002/72/CE), animal feed, grains, flour, sugar, liquids and goods intended to come into contact with foodstuff.

Industrial hoses and fittings.

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